Arabic TV Channels Available in the USA

Persia TV channels now available in america can enhance the viewing pleasure of many Arab Americans. Checking up on situations in their homeland is as easy as turning on the tv. Right now there are a lot of channels available now from Directv and Dish Network. So for many who are not aware of them, I will list the Arabic programs here. Arab Lions

Dish Network

ABU DHABI is a 24-hour-a-day Arabic-language general entertainment port, is considered one of the most respected channels in the Middle East. Abu Dhabi offers the Arab-Americans an exciting lineup of diverse programming including information, current affairs, movies, fashion, sports and much more. 

AL ARABIYA is a top ranked 24-hour-a-day Baking pan Arab news channel wedding caterers to the Arab audience worldwide. Al Arabiya’s information programming includes politics, business, current affairs, finance revisions and sports highlights.

APPROACH JAZEERA 24-hours-a-day and solely on DISH Network, ‘s Jazeera is the top Arabic news channel in the Middle East that offers news from around the world. Al Jazeera has a lot of documentaries and uncensored political talk shows.

AL ZIKR a family oriented radio channel providing 24 hours of ethnical programming with give attention to record, language, habits and certitude. The programming includes live talk shows covering a number of subjects and events and Al Zikr covers valuable cultural Arab events from many locations in the Arab world linking the Arab and Moslem migrant workers with their homeland.

FINE ART AMERICA provides an unique blend of Arabic and multi-language programming comprising mini-series, dramas, movies, sports (live and recorded soccer incidents directly from the Central East) and talk shows.

ART MOVIES features Arabic-language programming from Egypt, Lebanon and various regions of the Middle East. ARTWORK Movies offers newly released and classical movies, mini-series, dramas and talk shows such as “Sahraa. inches

ART MUSIC radio funnel involves modern and common Arabic music, talk shows and interviews with new and established performers in the Arabic music industry.

DANDANA TV is a 24-hour-a-day Arabic music online video channel broadcast from the U. S. Through the hip shows, music videos and coverage of major Arab-American events, Dandana TELEVISION SET is the pop culture face of the DISH Network Arabic bouquet.

LEBANON SATELLITE CHANNEL offers variety television set entertainment from the United Arab Emirates which includes top sporting events, the latest news, movies, documentaries and TV series.

CHINA SPORTS is a day-to-day sports channel broadcasting from Dubai. One of the main sports channels in the Arab world by reason of to its distinguished activities programming including highlights of numerous major soccer leagues from different continents, International accelerate boat racing, horse race and more.

ESC-1 live from Egypt, ESC-1 features an useful tv set entertainment including the Egyptian Sports League, “Good Morning Egypt, ” variety shows, videos, talk shows, children’s development and much more.

PROSPECT TV offers top-rated Lebanese Tv shows, live reports, game shows, cartoons, variety shows, family entertainment, sports matches and even more 24-hours-a-day

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