Best Prepper Websites – Top 7

Deciding the best prepper websites has been an interesting exercise! Prior to discovering this I had fashioned a few of sites I helped to go to for my own information, but was somewhat surprised to determine there are literally quite a few these sites out there. The product quality and focus of each site varies greatly.  In arriving at my top seven best prepper websites I used very subjective standards as opposed to objective data. Prepping

At first blush using objective requirements, like number of website hits, may seem to be an improved measure. However, number of website hits and members can be a little misleading since some website owners may be more skilled at building traffic than others. As well as websites can get a top Google webpage rank, but haven’t recently been updated in years. 1 high ranking site’s president and main writer is dead!  In my judgment, number of subscribers and site hits correlates to popularity but not always to utility of the site.

You possibly can argue that without utility the website would not be as popular. Accurate to an extent but there are an amount of additional issues to consider. For example, is the web page inviting and instinctive to navigate? How much advertising coexists on the site? Are the advertising helpful or a thoughts? Will the site fee money and have absolutely an update available? Could it be worth the extra cost? And so forth  Here’s the standards I used in my evaluation:  – Overall energy / usefulness; ease of use; intuitive; lack of chaos – Best corporation of subject areas – Ideal prepper food / nourishment site – Best prepper networking site – Perfect prepper first aid guide site – Best use of prepper photographs with articles – Best Provincial Style Prepper Site  The set of conditions could go on but after exploring and ranking lots of sites the standards in the above list are the key areas where the websites listed below really segregated themselves from the load up. Additionally, I might encourage you to use a selection of diversified prepper sites rather than just one single. For example, a site for prepper nutrition, another for prepper first aid and another for networking allows for a comprehensive method of acquiring knowledge, then integrating and applying your skills.  With no further adieu here are my results with a brief explanation for each and every category.  1) Best overall site for utility & usefulness, intuitive ease of use & insufficient mess: – prepforshtf. com u Comprehensive, user friendly and well organized. Excellent set of free Kindle books, tons of useful products, how to’s, videos and useful advertisements. Overall a great useful resource!  2) Best Organization of Matters – offgridsurvival. por o This a sound site in the line of thinking of prepforshtf. com. My spouse and i gave offgridsurvival. com the edge when it arrived to organizing its subject areas as the internet site is very clean with a clear sense of purpose. This site tends to look more at current events and link them to living from the grid. Great source of intel!

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