Choosing a Career As a Radiation Therapist Vs Ultrasound Technician: Schooling, Salary and Jobs

Rays therapists and ultrasound technicians are both Allied Overall health positions, nonetheless they have quite different job responsibilities. The radiation technician treats cancers and other diseases that may respond to light treatments through the delivery of external beam remedy. The sonographer focuses on using ultrasound equipment to take images of gentle tissues and systems for diagnostic purposes. The positions are similar in that both use complex medical equipment, work directly with patients, and are applied in a variety of medical settings that include hospitals, physician offices and clinics. Ultrasound Technician

How much does a The radiation Therapist Do?

Radiology technicians or therapists spend a sizable part of time at work performing radiation treatments on patients who have cancer. Most states require the therapist to be licensed, and licensing requires documentation by the North american Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). Main job responsibilities for radiation therapists include: 

Seek advice from patients, explaining treatments and answering questions

Stick to safety procedures and protect patient from all unnecessary radiation exposure

Help patients off and on x-ray dining tables

Take x-rays of patient to determine exact treatment location

Operate medical geradlinig accelerators (LINACS), setting equipment to deliver the right doses of radiation to the best location on the patient’s body

Maintain patient history, updating records to record treatment details

Seek advice from with radiologist, oncologist, dosimetrist and others physicians and medical team members
Commonly, the radiation procedures are for treating all types of cancer and are often part of a treatment regimen that also involves surgery and/or radiation treatment. The professional may work at a hospital, cancers treatment center, clinic, mobile radiology units and other medical facilities.

What will an Ultrasound Technician Perform?

The ultrasound technician is also called an ultrasound technologist or Diagnostic Skilled Sonographer. The typical job duties are as employs:

Discuss health background with patients and review and document current medical issues

Record the patient history and imaging procedures

Operate the ultrasound equipment, expertly using controls and settings to obtain the best images for diagnostic purposes

Support the patient physically jump on and off the visualize table and help them position their body so that images are as ideal as is possible

Complete the sonograms, checking each one for clarity and reliability

Analyze the photographs considered and use critical considering skills and experience to make decisions concerning the need for additional images

Ensure images are properly recorded and the process noted

Interpret sonographs to accomplish analysis responsibilities

Ensure patient record is updated

Talk to doctors, nurses and other medical center staff as necessary
The Diagnostic Medical Sonographer will need to have the knowledge and skills to expertly study the images produced and identify the difference between normal and abnormal tissue and systems. Depending on their training and credentials, sonographers usually take images of the abdomen, breast, musculoskeletal system, female reproductive systems and cardiovascular system.

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