Dream Interpretation Today – Scientific Dictionary of Dream Symbols

If you would like to understand the so this means of your dreams and discover many things you ignore, not only about yourself as well about the complete world and your future, you have to learn the dream vocabulary. dream meanings

Everything that appears in your dreams has a symbolic meaning. You have to try to be familiar with dream meaning based on this is of the symbols that appear in a wish. 

Here is a brief scientific dictionary I have prepared for you in order to provide you with an idea about the symbolic wish language that you have to learn by learning, the same way you discover any foreign dialect based only on words. The dream language is based on images, that you’ve to translate into words, so that you will may understand all the messages of the unconscious mind that produces your dreams.

Thanks a lot to my research and my findings continuing the research abandoned by Carl Jung through dream meaning today we know that:

1. All of our dreams have a protecting character. We are guarded from the wild aspect of the conscience, which is demonic and tries to destroy our human area.

2. Our dreams echo the mistakes of our under-developed and one-sided human being conscience, which is actually far from perfection and balance and must be completely developed.

Try to understand the dream logic, having in mind that your dreams are giving you advice about the anti-conscience, your wild side, and basically showing you the mistakes you are making, so that you will may correct your behavior and do only what will do well for you.

Here is a list with a few of the most frequent desire symbols and their parallelverschiebung:

Baby: It represents a sin, a serious meaningful mistake. Over who has the baby in the dream is making serious moral mistakes in her life or will be tempted to make them in the foreseeable future.

Death: Whoever is disapated in the dream is part of the person’s personality that gets the same characteristics of anyone that shows up dead. Real information about dead people in dreams is given just to those that are too fastened with the dead person.

Lion: It represents a person that is actually possessive and demanding. The dreams will give you information about other people using animals to determine their personality.

Snake: This represents a painful and hard experience that will prevent you from echoing the same mistakes for the rest of your life. Functions like the Divine providence, correcting what is wrong and supplying another dimension to your life.

Spider: It symbolizes a danger that you have to discover, a duty that you are unable to postpone, something very important that you have to do, otherwise you may in trouble.

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