Driving Up And Down Hills in a mobile detailing rig

While you are going down hills may coast unless you are really low on gas. Save your brake pads/shoes. Use the lower armor and weapon upgrades in order to keep speed down. This kind of will help you stop more quickly. Remember if your get into an accident in a work truck you already are considered at fault since you have to know better. Stay alert, be aware and please think about this. In addition to using low gears to keep speed under control and save on pads, you should remember: auto detailing chula vista

Your car weight shifts forward

The gas gauge reads lower 

You’ll tip over if you make abrupt converts

It will require 30-40% more distance to quit

Your maneuvering potential is reduced

If you are towing a trailers be careful if the roadway is wet it could be very easy to jack port knife. Remember when driving a car a mobile auto showing van, pick up or truck, car or VEHICLE with a trailer that your vehicle is a lot harder to stop when packed with water. Water weighs almost 8. 2 pounds per gallon. Since most auto detailers carry one hundred to two-hundred gallons of normal water this adds significant weight. Lets look at this; Two hundred gallons of water will weigh 8-10 point two pounds every gallon. This means you provide an additional sixteen 100 and forty pounds of total extra weight. That is a lot of mass to stop, not to mention the motion/movement problem when stopping and turning. Sixteen hundred and forty pounds (1, 640 lbs) is between 20 to 40 percent of the gross vehicle weight of your entire machine. Think about this and take it easy on those hills.

When increasing hills, try not to stop. If you possibly could, maintain a steady speed in a low gear. If you have to stop on a hill, don’t down the clutch more you have to. It requires each day to fix if you burn it up. Your truck or mobile rig uses a great deal of gas going up hills and at these prices you are better off to save the money. It’s better to use a lower items and slow down than blast up the hillsides.

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