Earn A Six Figure Income As A Closeout Broker

Closeout Brokers are in an unique position within the closeout business.

Closeout agents are facilitators that hook up closeout sellers to closeout buyers.
Since their business is actually making successful fits between buyers and retailers, they can make money without having to buy, stock, or deliver products. The Discount Warehouse

A closeout broker is a business person who locates the owners of merchandise, works out a deal a price, and then locates buyers for the merchandise.
The closeout broker can either earn a living by marking up the products, or by acquiring a commission from the retailer.

Since the closeout broker does not stock or ship the merchandise, this individual can work from everywhere provided that he has a phone and an online connection. 

A closeout broker can even sell the merchandise on eBay, provided that he works the shipping details with the seller.
Once the public auction is carried out the broker would give you the vendor with the customers transport address.
The order can be even shipped with the closeout broker’s info as the return address.

By having the products drop shipped the broker avoids the logistics issues that shipping entails.

To start working as a closeout broker you will need to create a relationship with wholesalers.
Bulk suppliers have merchandise in large quantities, and are arranged up to deliver items to your customers. Include an excellent agreement with them in position so that issues is not going to arise in the future.

Your next is to compile a set in place of possible customers.

Bulk suppliers once again top the list. Wholesalers by their nature neet to purchase merchandise in large volumes. Additionally, compile a place of dollar stores, clothing stores, flea market distributors, and eBay sellers.

Simply make sure that this individual seller is willing to sell in smaller sums, since small stores only will order in small volumes. The same goes for flea market vendors and eBay sellers.
If the flower nurseries is unwilling to market products in smaller quantities, offer him a slightly higher price for his goods in exchange for smaller quantity sales.

Small stores and vendors understand that the price they pay is dependent on the amount ordered.

To take full advantage of your earnings as a closeout broker you will need to develop repeat customers for your deals. Even if your deals change you may offer them to your customer list.

Being a closeout broker is a lucrative business which requires time and patience. Even though the rewards are rewarding, work continues to be required.

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