An Education Revolution Is Coming

The newest National Health Survey data (ABS, 2007-08) discovered which a staggering 26% of all young adults between the time of 16 and twenty-four have a mental health disorder. The prevalence of teens suffering with major depression is around 14% and climbing each year. In fact, according to the data, the single most cited issue at school as discovered by the kids themselves is STRESS? Project AWOL real review

Thankfully, amid the numbers demonstrating doom and gloom, there is a light perfect bright and a significant influx of changing coming… it is gaining momentum in america and the first waves are reaching our shore line now. It is the Mindfulness Education Movement (MEM). A myriad of new scientific reports were on sale since 2010 finally substantiating what many of us already knew – meditation directly and considerably impacts student stress levels and can actually make them SMARTER! 

Schools across Europe and the Usa States are implementing Deep breathing Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) training to their instructors, parents and students to not only decrease stress, but to address the rise of violence in schools, depression and anxiousness, also to improve learning effects for students.

It works because mindfulness opens our children for their own natural guidance. It allows them to break through causes like excessive homework, intimidation, media barrages, family break down, extra curricular requirements, human relationships, addictions… the list will go on. Mindful meditation permits our children to know their own thoughts amidst the ‘white noise’ of the information generation, and find their traditional selves. Via here that they may make alternatives that are in conjunction with their beautiful specific spirits and become people with purpose and self-confidence, geared with coping skills not to only survive in a quick paced world, but THRIVE!

Recent studies show that simply a few minutes of meditation everyday helps a student to go back their bodies to a state of homoeostasis. Frequent practice strengthens and thickens the cerebral cortex. That creates more and more neural pathways between the brain hemispheres increasing a person’s capacity for utilization of both sides of the mind in tranquility. Meditation regulates brainwaves and brings us out of Beta into Alpha express, a highly receptive and expansive state where increased learning, memory retention, clearness and imagination occurs. This increases the release of stress reducing hormones such as serotonin and dopamine. It reduces the center rate, stress, and decreases breathing to help make the body more effective, conserving energy so that students can perform ‘smarter not harder’!

Mindful meditation is a beautiful gift idea we can give to our kids to help them cope with the complexity of life and the stressors that they face during a school season. Our company is in a position to empower coming decades to be the mindful, enlightened and in-tune creatures that are significantly wiser, better and capable of anchoring the MEM change. There is an aware education revolution coming. Because parents, educators and tutorials, we need to journey the wave of this transformation for, and with, our children so that they can advance to content, capable, conscious men and women with strong life dealing skills and a stable grasp of their skillsets, wisdom and knowing as unique beings. From a position of mindful recognition, children can consciously choose how they respond to the earth. Once aware, they can use deep breathing tools to create a more effective, more well-balanced life for themselves and stress less at college.

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