Exhibit Booth Space Reserved – Now What Do I Do?

You will get the space, now the real fun (and work) begins. Every project, no matter what size or small needs a plan. The trade show booth space is no different. Every single booth space for each and every show needs a marketing plan and a plan of action. dødsboerkobes.dk

So what do you want to complete by exhibiting and how are you going to accomplish it? The “what” and the “how” must be linked. Without knowing what you want to achieve you are in risk of working everyone to death, but is not accomplishing much. If you have at any time worked a booth, you really know what I mean. In the end of the show, everyone is tired and no-one knows what happened. 

The accomplishment is not exhibiting… it’s achieving the goals you established in your marketing plan.

The actions delivered to design and purchase the display display, train the personnel, developed pre- and post show mailings/contacts, designing free gifts, and so forth ALMOST ALL should directly hyperlink to your marketing plan. A person be a great writer to write down a plan. It can be as simple as you or two sentences that simply note the final result you wish to achieve from exhibiting at the show.

Your action plan should be more thorough, listing the precise steps you intend to take to achieve your outcomes. Intended for every goal in your marketing plan, there should be at least 2 to 4 actionable steps.

Marketing Plan & Strategy

Be specific for each and every show. Every show is different and has a different attendee audience. Know who your clients or customers are at each show and what you want to achieve by exhibiting. End up being exact. If you want to increase your business, be specific – take note a percentage increase in your plan.

If you have a new product/service, be certain you note these three items in your plan: introduce the new product/service, note how many people (attendees) you will introduce it to and note how brand new marketplaces or segments you want to target. If you don’t have a brand new product/service, plainly define what you need to highlight at the show.

Trying to showcase everything can be an oversight (unless you have a very large space). Rather, pick one or two products for every single show to highlight and leave the rest as a sidebar in your literature.

The Exhibit

If you have an old exhibit. Examine it. List the great, the bad and the unsightly. If it is more than 5 years old, consider a new one. Every year new designs are developed. Consider heading green. Soon, everyone’s demonstrate will have to be green. Gone are the days when exhibits were used once and removed in the land fill up.

An exhibit pays for itself if the design and message pertains to your marketing plan plus your plan of action pertains to your marketing plan. All must tie collectively supporting one another.

Promo Plan

Pre- and post show marketing are as critical as the show itself. Direct mail, advertising, sponsorships, and all technology (Your Website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) all help to get your message across. Again, be certain your concept matches your marketing plan goals. Create an expression (brief message) that specifies your theme and scarves into your plan and make use of it with everything.

Employ Your existing Contact List

You already have a strong set of customers and prospective customers — use it. Immediate mail is not useless! Start mailing out about 4 to 5 several weeks before the show — one a week. Become sure the piece has a compelling image and supports your plans. End up being sure to incline your hyperlink to your website and blog.


Why should I visit your presentation area? Incentives definitely entice participants to come to your booth space. Everyone desires to see something new and different. Let them have a reason to come by even if your product is not new. Talk about the incentive(s) in your direct mail pieces in addition to your newsletter.

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