FAQ’s About Social Security Disability Benefits and Answers From Social Security Disability Lawyers

Problem: I filed for Community Security Disability benefits and the Social Security Supervision denied my claim. Thus what do I do now? Social security disability lawyer Troy

Answer: Not necessarily rare for the SSA to deny an initial app for benefits. If you get denied, you need to act immediately. You only have 65 days and nights from the date rubber stamped on the SSA page denying your application to file an appeal and preserve your disability promise.

Question: In case the SSA approves my application for impairment benefits, and what will I get? 

Answer: Disability benefits may include Medicare medical health care insurance, individual benefits, and family benefits. Your regular financial benefits will be based on the solution in the Social Reliability Act, as well as the amount that the us government counts as your Social Security profits from employment before you became disabled.

Question: Just how do I know if I am disabled for purposes of acquiring handicap benefits?

Answer: Based on the Public Security law, an qualified disability means the “inability to engage in any substantial gainful activity by reason of any clinically determinable physical or mental impairment that can be expected to last for an ongoing period of not less than twelve months or bring about death. ” If you are not sure if you are qualified, you should check with your family doctor and our Michigan legal professionals about a potential claim for handicap benefits.

Question: I have not worked recently. May I still qualify for disability benefits?

Answer: The SSA requires a specific amount of Social Protection earnings, or “work credit, ” to qualify for disability benefits. Generally speaking, if you worked for 5 out of the previous ten years, you probably have enough “work credits. very well You certainly should contact the SSA or check with with an experienced The state of michigan disability legal professional to learn whether or not you are qualified.

Question: I have a serious mental or psychological condition that helps prevent me from working. Can easily I still receive handicap benefits?

Answer: According to the Social Security Work, a “disability” can be either physical or psychological, or a blend of both. The key is a doctor finds “objective medical evidence” that you your problem prevents you from employed by at least doze months.

Question: Can My spouse and i apply for disability benefits on my own?

Reply: Yes. You may file your own application for handicap benefits, and represent yourself in all legal procedures. However, statistics show that folks with legal representation, especially on appeals, win their disability claims much more often than those who try to represent themselves.

Question: I cannot find the money for to pay an legal professional payment now. Can We still get legal help with an appeal of the SSA decision to deny my application for disability benefits?

Answer: Certainly. Some law businesses postpone their legal professional fees, unless of course they convince the SSA to approve your lay claim for disability benefits. In the event that they win, their cost is defined by the Community Security Act and retained very reasonable.

Question: I had been denied disability benefits a year ago, but my medical condition has gotten worse. Can easily I try again to get disability benefits?

Solution: Yes. There are limitations to the number of times you could apply for benefits. If you feel that you now be eligible, you should file another application with the SSA.

Question: If the SSA approves my claim, how long will these benefits last?

Answer: You will get benefits for as long as you remain disabled from employment and meet all other SSA requirements. Via time to time, the SSA may review the level of your handicap by sending you for a medical evaluation.

Problem: My disability was due to alcoholism or drug craving. Can I still be eligible for disability benefits?

Solution: Maybe. To ascertain whether you still have a potential claim, you should talk to a skilled attorney. The Social Security law areas that you cannot get benefits, if alcoholism and drug craving is an adding factor that is materials to the determination that you are disabled. On the other hand, people who used to abuse alcohol or drugs can qualify for benefits, based on other not related and disabling health problems.

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