Fast Food Restaurants and Churches – What They Have in Common

The rise of fast food restaurants in the world is a current sensation. McDonald’s was the first major chain, and it stood unchallenged for many years providing inexpensive fast food and an entertainment experience. The market erupted suddenly, with a numerous variety of franchises growing to the reaches of North America and in the end to the world. Although the junk food restaurant is a product of recent culture, it has exceptional parallels to church. This may seem like an outrageous declaration, but consider the similarity with their history, start with the official Catholic Church which “stood unchallenged for many years”; then numerous other denominations were created. Today, churches and take out restaurants have an easily recognizable physical composition and a collection of steady exercises and procedures. They also both teach desirable beliefs through their interaction with society. tellthebell com

Churches are identified by their outward appearance: some are incredibly ornate natural stone with spires, bells and stain glassed windows, while others have an easier or conservative construction. Every single denomination has a certain appearance that is replicated in the towns and cities of North America; likewise, restaurants are easily recognizable. A child can spot the ‘Golden Arches’ of a McDonald’s from a distance. Just as there are numerous tastes of churches, there are also a number of fast food franchises, that give you a custom-made menu and atmosphere. Each restaurant has an individual style, nonetheless they are all colourful, stylish buildings with bright, large windows.

The inside of franchised restaurants are adorned in the same style, exactly like in churches of the same denomination. Presently there are standard decorating and furniture by franchise or denomination. For example, church buildings have seating in a main hall or refuge where sermons are received. In a Catholic House of worship there will be wood made pews in rows, although in a Brethren Chapel you will see modern cushioned recliners, located in an agreement of sections and series. Likewise, all fast food franchises have fixed seats of tables, chairs, and bench seating, but each has its own manner and elegance of preparing the seating. Inside or out, take out restaurants and churches can be recognized by their physical appearance.

The two institutions have predictable exercises and procedures that are followed by the people who take a look. When going to a church service, you are greeted by an jason derulo; likewise, when going to a fast food restaurant you are greeted by a server. Both can be visited alone, with family or with good friend, and give a social aspect as well. During both social experiences, you will consume drink and food. During the church service you will take accord, bread and wine, and during your restaurant experience you will consume a meal of your choice. One feeds the body, while the other passes the soul.

Routines will change by denomination or operation, but will be regular in each. For example, all church services require singing, preaching, offering, and praying, nevertheless the order and style will vary by denomination. A Baptist House of worship service generally commences with a couple hymns and a position prayer. Then simply announcements, special music, and scripture reading before the sermon. Sermon. Closing plea and/or hymn. 2 several weeks. predictable experience. Attending a Catholic Mass will be different from a Baptist service, but it will be equally predictable weekly.

Likewise, going to McDonald’s involves getting in collection at the counter, placing your order your meal, taking your rack to your table while picking up napkins, ketchup, straws, etc., in route, eating, and cleaning up your own mess. Then kids can play, while the adults relax. No subject what McDonald’s you visit the experience will be the same. Going to Burger King provides relatively the same experience, nevertheless the food, atmosphere, and play items will vary. You could be dropped into a church or fast food restaurant blindfolded, and it’s really absolutely certain that likely to know what’s expected of you when the blindfold is removed!

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