Here’s What You Should Know When Selecting a Motorcycle Battery

A well-maintained and well-charged motor bike battery typically lasts around three years.

Of course, many batteries do previous longer. But if you own more than three years old, you should start considering a new bike battery purchase. motorcycle battery

I’m sure you need a battery that will…

Start your motorcycle every time 
Offer you long, reliable service
Support your bike’s electrical system
Reinforce the engine’s performance capabilities
Below are key points to help you select a motorcycle battery that best meets your demands and is suitable for your motorcycle…

Know the technological specs of your motorcycle’s original battery

The technical engineers who designed your bike installed a battery that will permit the bike’s engine and electrical system to do at full capacity.

Being a starting point, make sure the technical specs of any new battery if you’re considering at least match your original battery’s…

Reserve capacity.
Truly, when choosing an electric battery, you want the one which gives you the major reserve capacity. Basically, reserve capacity implies how long the battery pack will continue to work without being incurred.

Also, will the original battery have any unique characteristics? For example, will it require a vent pipe or other attachments?

Also if you’re considering a new battery that’s more technically advanced than the original, use your old battery’s specs and features to guide you toward the best replacement.

Understand the original battery’s physical measurements

This is a fundamental point, but it’s critical.

A motorcycle battery’s physical measurements are at least as critical as the technical specs.

That’s because motorcycles give you a limited and exact-sized inner compartment to hook-up and maintain the battery.

Maybe you can get away with an appropriately powerful, smaller-sized battery. But if you purchase one that’s too big, it still might not fit in the allotted space and you’ll have to exchange it.

Buying then coming back again batteries can be time consuming and expensive.

Consider improving to a more technically advanced battery

Motorcycle electric batteries are bettering on a regular basis. Appear into getting an enhanced design that’s more scientifically advanced and reliable than your bike’s original.

You have three battery designs to choose from. Every contains an electrolyte — a caustic liquid that permits the battery to store energy.

These are your battery design alternatives…

Flooded Wet Cell Battery pack
This can be a oldest battery design. Many wet cell types are generally not sealed. So they must remain upright to prevent the caustic liquefied inside from spilling. Likewise, you must continually top-up the electrolyte level.

Solution Cell Battery
A solution battery uses a strengthening agent in the electrolyte that boosts the battery’s ability to store electricity. Additionally, it inhibits the liquid’s movement inside the electric battery and reduces the likelihood of spillage.

Absorbed Cup Mat (AGM) Motorcycle Power supply
An absorbed glass sparring floor (AGM) battery contains fiberglass doors mats that absorb the electrolyte.

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