Holidays in Malaysia – How to Shop and Bargain in Malaysia

Malaysia is a shopping paradise due to its affordable goods, favorable exchange rate, complex mega malls and frequent year end sales. Therefore, shopping is a must-do activity in Malaysia especially in big urban centers like Kuala Lumpur where mega malls and bazaar type shopping complexes are equally popular not only among the locals but also foreigners. best medical insurance in malaysia

Learning how to shop and good deal in Malaysia is important so that you will not be getting into an unattractive situation where you get your money conned by unscrupulous traders. Listed below are some shopping and bargaining recommendations that are helpful for shopping not only at mega malls but also at wet market as well as the popular night market in Malaysia. 

Shopping in mega shopping malls in Malaysia is relatively totally different from shopping at the local bazaar style shopping complexes. The values of goods at shopping malls are usually fixed and items normally come with price tags. Consequently, you are not able to deal for anyone goods that are fixed in conditions of pricing. But the regulation of thumb is to hold back for the seasonal sales for the items.

If perhaps you can’t wait for a periodic sales for the products, do inquire about the advertising sales proposed by mastercard sellers. Sometimes certain stores do offer discounts on items with the use of credit card from certain banks. If you are lucky enough, a 10% or even up to 30% of discount by credit card vendors is usually available.

Sometimes certain stores do offer discount if your purchase is above certain amount of money. Moreover, sometimes you can even get a steep discount on second item or third items. Consequently, do ask around if they give such campaign.

When you shop at the bazaar style shopping malls like the Central Market, you can usually bargain for the goods. Even though we have a price tag on the items, the cost is usually several times over a market price. The vendors are wanting you to haggle over the price and therefore the final cost of the things really is determined by how good you are at bargaining with the sellers. Therefore, the principle to shopping in Malaysia is to always ask if you can get the items for cheaper price.

In addition, if you find something you like and the retail price is right, avoid get too overly enthusiastic and rush to acquire them. The reason is you might be able to find the very same item at another shop down the road for a much low cost. Therefore, the general guide is to always shop around first at a several stalls and see if they give the same items. Sometimes you will be surprised as to how huge the retail price can fluctuate at another store.

Finally, the best way to bargain is to offer the price that you are offering for that particular item. You can just tell the owner you’ll pay that much amount of money for the product. If the offer is too low, the vendor will most likely say no and table a slightly higher offer. If you feel that is actually not worth that much, simply reject and walk away. Some reasonable distributors do accept your offered price but might a little bit top up with a few ringgits. If you feel more comfortable with the price, you have got a deal!

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