Innovative Design is Essential to Contemporary Consumer Product Success

I possess often written and known the difference between concourant and divergent products. Concourant products are simple design improvements on existing models already being marketed. The push button radio, the car radio or a clock radio are good examples of convergent products. These types of examples simply add features to the divergent “alpha” invention of the car radio. Introduced of the r / c was a classic monumental breakthrough discovery divergent product. It was revolutionary and completely new. 3d innovations design pte ltd

Most new product opening paragraphs are basic line extension cables, or convergent products. Pringles Potato snacks were a divergent product when presented. Pringles were a significant departure to any spud snack then on store shelves. The dozen or so most recent flavors of Pringles are convergent. That they expand the brand, increase retail shelf space through adding sales, nevertheless they are not revolutionary. 

The difficulty for inventors and entrepreneurs is to create truly specific divergent products. This can be the “Holy Grail” for new product developers, and yet, it is exceedingly rare that such a product shows up. It is an appealing goal. Nevertheless, it is not important for a product designer to achieve curve to enjoy acclaim and enrichment.

There is little or nothing much new about the ancient bicycle. They have two wheels, a chair, brakes, pedals and perhaps some gears. There are different ones and brands of bikes, prices run the gamut, nonetheless they essentially the actual same thing: transport a human being.

Look into the Polygon Bike created by Reindy Allendra. It can be obviously a bi-cycle, with a significant big difference. The profile of the bike appears like a drive ship and– I want one! If not more than that, I want one for a bit of figurine. Mr. Allendra’s design is so stunning it might be dangerous to trip as drivers and people gawk at the stunning brilliance of the structure and become distracted. This product is convergent, but is so unique that it will almost certainly be a sought after status mark.

Chairs fill up homes and serve the basic purpose of holding our relaxing bodies. There is nothing really not much new about the uses and keeping of the basic chair. We eat while sitting on recliners. We read while sitting down on chairs and watch television set while relaxing on chairs. Some chairs are upholstered, many are all wood construction, and a few lower, raise.

The Rabbit Chair, designed by Stanislav Katz is merely another chair. But what a chair! The color, elegant simplicity of design and amazing symmetry of line associated with Have a Chair a work of art and artisan quality. This is another example of convergence on steroid drugs. The Rabbit Chair works on so many practical and artistic levels it can easily be thought of as much more when compared to a convenience for supporting the body.

The smoking pipe has recently been with us for generations. I am able to evidently remember my dad’s pipe rack that held his assortment of wooden pipes and tobacco’s. I occasionally see piping on display in tobacconist shops. I do not notice that much has changed in the hair styling, construction or function of the pipe.

Recently I actually was introduced to the Ecolos Pipe created by modern-day designer Harold Bogazpinar. Stunning! There is no other word for the sleek beauty of such a mundane product as a pipe that is crafted as elegantly as the Ecolos Pipe. This kind of is another example of the work of creative genius.

A pipe, a chair and a bike; common products all! On the other hand, when inspired designers and artists apply their amazing creative talents to making ingenious styling cues these common household products become art. They are concourant products, nevertheless they will enhance the lives of consumers lucky enough to own this artistry. Always bear in mind the value of design when creating new consumer products.

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