Your LinkedIn Profile Status-Bar – What Do You Want Them to Know?

? nternet site have been doing LinkedIn profile reviews for job hunters and business owners, I have realized that the LinkedIn profile POSITION BAR is often forgotten and underutilized. termite service


The status bar feature offers you a chance to report on your personal or business-related “current incidents. ” You may acknowledge the status bar from all other social media sites: 

Facebook or myspace users change their position bar regularly and can be rather creative with the things they survey. You may see anything from “I was rudely launched to the hungry Pothole from Hell in Boston ma which ate my tire” to “Delayed in Altlanta ga. Renewing vow never to take connecting flights” to “… is saving lives one shopping mall at any given time. ” You probably would not want any of these status reports to demonstrate up on your LinkedIn profile.

Then there’s Forums. How may you sell your products, report important news, or, much better, say something pithy, in 140 characters or less? Yesterday I observed this one: “This wish today embattled having its rear against the wall, in order to save the dream 4 one, it must be preserved 4 all” Langston Barnes (2nd time/ #fb). Incredible was that really Twitter-compliant? Guess Langston was forward of his time.

What exactly about the LinkedIn position bar? What to do with this one? Very well, we know off the bat that you’re on LinkedIn for business networking purposes. We also know that a Twitter-proof status upgrade like “Discover the Ideal Antiaging Vitamins That Is going to Change Your Life… inches might not cut it on LinkedIn’s information-sharing and networking-focused site. Or would it?

Report on your Business-related Activities…

LinkedIn implies the following begins to your status: “working on… “, “traveling to… very well, “looking for advice on… “, “looking for a career… ” or “reading… inch I personally have used a lttle bit of the direct advertising posture inside my status pub, at least sometimes. I actually keep track of the countdown in conditions exhibiting how many LinkedIn account reviews I have to offer at my $25 price. I don’t have evidence as to whether or not it’s effective.

I think the most effective status bars survey on current trainings, journeys, ideas, and so on that show your viewers that you will be serious about your profession. Or else you can post a link to your blog if you need to send people there. After all, you’re on LinkedIn because of your profession right?

If you were looking for an SEO marketing specialist, and you were browsing LinkedIn profiles, didn’t you love to see that your possible SEO optimizer is at a conference that week in the field, or that she is leading a webinar or writing a blog on the subject matter? You probably wouldn’t worry about this person’s flat wheel or shopping plans, or even about the individual’s visits to see the grandchildren. It is essential as you update your status that you consider what your audience would want to read about you.

Update Frequently…

Help to make sure you don’t have a standing bar on LinkedIn that is more than 6 days old (and preferably a maximum of 1-2 days old). Even though you replicate the same information, upgrade it!! It can vary from “is at a conference” to “is just again from a conference. inch Retain it current and your readers know that you are serious about your business – not to mention that your cable connections will be reminded of your status if your settings and theirs grant it.

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