How to Litter Box Train a Kitten

Schooling your kitten to use the litter box is the initial thing you should do when you first bring your kitten home. Receiving this right will save you days of cleaning puddles and messes later. hộp khăn giấy

A breeder friend of mine explained that the easiest way to do this is by using a tissue or newspaper towel to soak up the urine the first time your kitten pees. You then take the kitten and the cells to the litter container and put both of them in it. The kitten will then connect the cat litter package with the smell of its own urine and make use of it in the future.

However, you will still need to train it to get to the litter tray so make sure not necessarily too much away from where your kitten eats. And you will need to train your kitten to look just after eating and when it first wakes up after a nap. Many of us make the toilet our first dock of ask waking, and your kitten is not a different. 

Even though your kitten is so very cute and affectionate, you need to make it walk to the litter tray itself. Only carrying it there each time is merely going to slow down the training process. It is advisable to make the journey ‘fun’ for the kitten so I suggest getting down on floor level and encouraging the kitten to get at the fill box by having it follow you (or your fingers) and by using your voice. Always speak gently and encouragingly, you are trying to instruct it something, not scare it into submission. Compliment the kitten each time by using the cover tray by providing it a cuddle and patting it. It will figure out how to associate using the fill tray with ‘good things’ and just like with kids, make us happy.

Use the same method of training for educating your kitten to avoid solids into the fill try as well. Decide on up the solids using paper towels and put in them, and the pussy-cat, in the litter dish. Make sure you clean up the mess completely and use a citrus fruit spray on the region to prevent your kitten attempting to put it to use again. Never clean with bleach or phosphate as this smell brings in the kitten again to put it to use again.

Hardly ever scold your kitten for ‘misses’, rather than rub their noses in it. Could you want anyone to do this to you or your young ones? A cat is like a child in that it must learn to hold its urinary and bowels until it is in the litter box tray. And like all babies, it takes time to learn that control properly. By yelling at your kitten or scrubbing their nose in their mess, you are only teaching it to be afraid of you as you do horrible things it.

You want to create a loving relationship with your kitten that will last for many years. Treating it lightly and training it to do what you need it to will establish this attachment early. Through training it from a age, the process will be discovered much more quickly, that gives you hours of time to learn with your cat and revel in the bonding process.

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