Music Review of a Mouthful by the Do

“The Do” are a French two-piece or duo indie band based in Rome. The Do were produced in 2007 and they are Dan Levy (Musician) and Olivia Merilahti (Vocals). Their music covers numerous genres that include indie rock, indie pop, persons rock and somewhat of electronic stuffs. Diner cabaret musical

A Chew posseses an album appetizer that everyone of us will definitely give at least a thumb-up to it. In “Playground Hustle”, a group of children cover almost all of the singing part while Olivia just brings in some extra weight load every now and then. The music in this track is exceptional as well. The flute on Playground Hustle reminds myself of my younger days and nights when i was required to learn flute-playing in school. The background music which is mainly contributed by synthesizers also creates a very good opener impression here. Love the cheeky part where it almost appears like the movie “Jaw” theme. 

“At Last! inches is groovy indie put tune which showcases the Olivia’s vocals. She appears to be singing breathlessly and without going for a jiffy just to inhale. The tempo on this track is very steady and The Do/D? also bring in some extra sound or be aware to make it much fuller. But just by listening to Olivia’s perfect little angels voice, it’s more than sufficient to fall in love with this monitor. After the second agreement, “Made up my head now you must reconcile down, but don’t keep this against me We gotta run now… inches The short bridge includes some clever guitar performing and country-like harmonica split with Olivia’s melodic tone. It’s just beautiful! Now!

“On My Shoulders” carries on the amazing rhythm and sound of The Do/D?. On My Shoulders has quite a long starting before emerging with Olivia’s beautiful voice. As Olivia sings on in the verse, it sort of drags me along and so making a tendency for me personally to sing. “Why would I carry such a weight on my shoulder muscles? Why do I always help you carry your boulders? You wonder why I carry such a weight on my shoulder blades?… ” Although On My personal Shoulders is sung in a repetition of musical technology note and tone, but The Do/D? make promoted unforgettable. The rhythm just keeps playing in my head now, and really stuck within my head!

“Song For Lovers” is an acoustic track with only Olivia’s voice can be heard in addition to the history, guitar plays along before another string instrument violin appears. In the end, Olivia sings with feelings, “Here’s a song for lovers who don’t worry if they bleed… inch A respectable and heartfelt trail by Do/D?!

“The Connection Is Broken” has little guitar steps in the beginning. Once Olivia goes in, it sets the right tone and rhythm that follow suit. After the verse, Olivia just repeats “The bridge is damaged… ” and while your woman is singing the refrain, the deep guitar plucking never stops. It merely requires dumbbells in after the Olivia’s voice. Very, very nice to know! At times, the music shows some Jazzy side of it. Inside the bridge, the music comes in with increased variety. The mixing of The Bridge Is Broken really good, and the use of synthesizers and other equipments just end up being amazing! I don’t care whether the bridge is cracked or whatever, as long as The Do/D? are here to sing, the bridge is actually fixed.

“Stay (Just Somewhat More)” is cheeky and catchy. Only the perfect song for couples anywhere in the world. You have to see the guitar once it starts, it is on a regular plucking mode and never does not create an atmosphere that a person would expect when picnicking at the sea. Once the chorus comes, Olivia just goes, “Stay simply a little bit more, don’t let my heart turn sore… ” and with each phrase, there would be howlings in the history that just complement this track so much! Coming into the second verse, the whole track appears to be venturing out into a new area and it sounds more beautiful than ever. Through the passage, violin is heard and joins the fun while using Do/D?. Stay (Just Slightly More) just sounds good from learn to finish!

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