O2 Mobile Broadband – How One Of The Oldest Networks Got It Completely Wrong

With the 5 major mobile telephone networks in the UK, up until recently only 1 of them wasn’t offering special broadband. That was O2, nevertheless they INCLUDE started to sell it. But… why have they dropped the ball with it?

Special broadband – why is it really that important? the cheapest broadband providers in the UK

To understand why their business decision (which we’ll come to in a bit) is, I feel, not really a great one, you need to understand, firstly, just what mobile broadband is, and why it’s a good thing. Simply put, mobile broadband is broadband while you are mobile, internet connection while you’re moving around, away and about. You’re not tied to your table, you’re free to make use of it wherever and whenever you find yourself. 2 several weeks. case of fire it up and off you go! Just like mobiles, mobile broadband will become a portable, mobile solution you take everywhere with you. 

But it’s not merely about how exactly lightweight it is, because it’s not heading to sell well until it has 3 other very important factors: it needs to be easy, cheap and fast. Very well, there are not any worries with the speed, since mobile broadband can run everywhere up to 7. 2Mbps, currently (and up to 14Mbps in future), depending on which network most likely with. And as for being easy… well, consider that the setup time for an USB Device, whoever you’re with, is measured in minutes, and involves nothing more complicated than plugging it in and clicking yes, and you may see it is indeed a doddle to established up!

O2 Special high speed – why it comes down

And then, discover affordability. A decent mobile broadband package has to give you good value, too, and it’s really here where the O2 package falls down.? 20 a month, minimum. In a world where the networks’ cheapest mobile high speed offerings cover anything from? 10-15, O2’s already priced themselves away of that fight.

Oh, but… there’s a bigger reason why it’s not going to take off promote well. Their mobile broadband offering is merely available to existing customers. In other words, you can only link up with O2 mobile broadband, if you are already on O2. What a little bit of a letdown, for any woman, and it shows a lttle bit of short-sightedness on O2’s part. Which will is a shame, if you think about what a god monitor record they may have with mobile phones. In the strength of current evidence, though, it’s probably best if they keep to them…

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