Pet Treat Recipe

Many of us want to give our house animals a snack or treat from time to time. The key to any pet treat is to make it healthy and nutritious. Although most domestic pets love table scraps and leftovers, they don’t always provide the best elements for your pet, particularly if they can be over weight.¬†CBD Pet Treats

A little fat is useful for most dogs and cats since 2 weeks. necessary element and an all-natural component of a good diet. Nevertheless giving large quantities of fat often will cause your pet long-term health issues. Obesity in household domestic pets can shorten life covers and raise the chance of kidney and liver problems. Let alone expensive Vet expenses to be treated of these common ailments 

Lots of the commercial pet treats have ingredients like sugar, body fat, animal byproducts that are not an excellent for your pets. There are several that contain started out to make healthier food and treats but can be very pricey. Seem at the cost every ounce or pound the next time you go shopping, I’ll gamble you can get steak for less money.

A good way to make certain your pet gets healthy treats and not chance the family unit budget is to make sure they are yourself. Here’s a good and healthy Dog or cat Treat Recipe that you can make for your dog:


1 lb of chicken wings, chicken lean meats and gizzards ground well (bones and all)

of sixteen oz can of Mackerel finely chopped

1 glass of wheat germ

you cup of powdered gloss over milk

a single glass of corn meal

4 cups of wheat flour

1/2 teaspoon of salt

4 tablespoons of hortaliza oil or butter

3 cloves of minced garlic clove

1 quart of drinking water

Combine ingredients and mixture into dough. Knead until firm. Turns out to flat 1/2 inch wide, then cut into strip or use selection of dessert cutter. Place on sandwich trays and bake at 350 for about 45 minutes or until clean. Break into bite size pieces for your dog. Retail outlet in airtight container and refrigerate if keeping for longer than 3-4 days and nights.

If you want a less crunchy result, add 2-3 eggs. It will eventually make it softer and easier for older animals to chew. I got this pet treat recipe from a country vet years ago. This mixture includes about 36% protein and 17% fat, which is a good mix for both cats and puppies.

All natural ingredients, no filler, and a good nutritional mix for family pet treats. Cost is about 10% of same level of store bought treats witch have nowhere near to the food and nutrition content. You could also apply certain chicken broth in place of the to turn up the flavor.

This is certainly a great activity for a rainy day with the kids. You can make cookies for the kids and treats for the animals at the same time. One order lasts about week around our house with a puppy and two cats. All of us make some treats in the condition of dog bones for the dog and small squares for the cats.

Try out this Pet Treat Menu and use these doggie snacks rather than giving table leftovers or leftovers. The handmade treats are more healthy and will not add-on the extra weight like the leftovers. Our domestic pets know when we are baking them and come sit and wait for a snacks to be ready.

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