The Top 5 Video Games of 2013

Every once in awhile, assessments are conducted concerning which of the available video games are considered the best among the list of rest. In this article, the emphasis is on the rating of the video game titles based on sales which is reasonable enough since the game with the best sales is unquestionably the finest. Otherwise, it will not be patronized by the gamers themselves. Halfway through the season 2013, the NPD Group has released it is rankings depending on the sales reported by stores for the period January to April. Below are the top 5 video video games as reported by NPD Group. critical ops hack apk

1. Call of Duty – Black Operations II
“Call of Duty” reclaims the top place this coming year after dropping to second on last year’s midterm rankings. The relatively futuristic setting of “Black Ops II” totally may differ from the previous game titles that however, cynical players have already changed their outlook with this huge franchise. One factor that can be attributed with its high sales is the decision of Activision to offer the “Call of Duty – Elite” totally free. With its strong performance, analysts have believed that this computer game will be the best vendor among the entries in the 10-year good the franchise. 

2. Bioshock Assets
The decision of original developers of the 3 years ago hit “Bioshock” to come up with a follow up this year turned away to be an enormous success as it ranked second based on sales. The publisher Take-Two made an announcement in mid-May that it comes along with a whopping 3. several million copies sold. That has already received good reviews from critics and gamers alike, citing it is strong following will be enough reason for this to be included in this year’s “best of” lists.

3. NBA 2K13
The inclusion on this athletics game is no surprise at all since it was patterned to the uk’s most prominent basketball group with a huge following from the complete sports enthusiasts. Take-Two’s version of this is a huge success because so many analysts as well as players have already shown a wonderful dedication to this action-packed game. It has absolutely considered good thing about the absence of EA’s Madden NFL series. Though the latter made a statement that it will release an NBA game this season, analysts say that it will definitely have a hard time winning back its proponents because NBA 2K13 has already established its name, thanks to the overpowering response from the players.

4. Injustice: Gods Amongst Us
No longer do “Mortal Kombat” was the look at the town. Enter the hottest fighting with each other game that easily captured the attention of this players. Warner Bros. has totally found an untapped goldmine via this game that it even were able to have a spot in the best 5, exceeding the performance of the other video games that contain been out for quite some time.

5. Tomb Raider
This hottest version of video game top-billed by Lara Croft is fiercer and better than the prior lets out, rendering it the only way to survive of the fading triple-A position of the “Tomb Raider” franchise. With its 3. 4 million copies sold on the first month, publisher Square Enix has a reason to laugh as it only shows that the franchise is still alive and proceeds to draw more players.

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