Types of Air Compressors

Air compressors are widely used in almost every industry. That they provide the power for hand tools, machinery, and robotics tools. The use of compressed air is as common as the utilization of gas and electricity! So it’s important to choose the variety of air compressor for your needs. This content looks at the most popular types of air compressors. pístové kompresory

Reciprocating or piston compressors use pistons to squeeze the air, and then store it in a top pressure tank. The air can now be released by pressing a triggered valve. Reciprocating as well as piston compressors are most frequently used for personal, domestic and light professional work. This is because there are a large range of lightweight models available, plus they are often the most reasonably listed. 

Another type of air compressor is the rotary mess, which uses twin anchoring screws rather than pistons to create the underhand air. As they have higher operating ranges than reciprocating compressors, they are often used in regular professional work.

Both reciprocating and rotary screw compressors are available as two level models. In a two stage model, mid-air is compressed twice, thus meaning that the pressure and air flow are greatly better. This also obviously helps you00 store a better amount of air, while reducing the quantity of heat that the compressor generates. Two stage models will therefore have a far increased life.

How do you decide whether a reciprocating or rotary screw converter is for you? The most crucial facet of this decision rests on whether you intend to use the compressor intermittently or continuously. As an example, a fingernail gun is merely used occasionally. For intermittent use, choose a reciprocating air air compressor, and for continuous use, choose a rotary twist compressor. This is because only the rotary twist compressor can work consistently without a break. A reciprocating compressor will always come with an obligation cycle, which represents the number of time that the air compressor will be able to work for each and every hour. This kind of means that you will have to let the reciprocating compressor cool down for an interval out of every hour. This is why they may be not matched to continuous work, as they will overheat, which could be extremely dangerous.

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